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Ecological absorbents

CAPSorb efficient absorbent

The innovative technology for conversion of paper mill sludge into absorbent for water surface cleaning (CAPS) enables the sustainable use and the conversion of the remains from the paper industry (paper mill sludge - PMS) into a high added value product (CAPSorb). CAPSorb can later be used in petroleum, chemical, logistics and transport industry, as well as public institutions such as fire stations, rescue and civil protection institutions; institutions that require environmentally friendly, efficient and cheap sustainable product for cleaning water and hard surfaces.

CAPS technology is based on an inter-sector approach and it is in line with the eco-symbiosis theory, allowing wastes from one sector to be used as a valuable product to be employed in other industrial sector. By doing this it increases the competitiveness of various industrial sectors due to its substantial economic and environmental cross-sector benefits.

CAPSorb HS and CAPSorb WS are effective organic absorbents to control spills of all types of hydrphilic (acids, bases, emulsions) and hydrophobic (vegetable, synthetic and mineral oils, animal fats, fuels, organic substances) hazardous and non-hazardous substances on hard and on water surfaces.

Sustainable absorbent CAPSorb is important to protect the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and high calorific value enables its incineration. Due to the high retention capacity of the absorbent it is possible to reuse part of the absorbed substance. CAPSorb lowers costs for the destruction of hazardous substances and remediation of accidental releases.